Monday, February 9, 2009

Jacob the Barbarian, Page 3


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Nice HTML code lets you choose which arc you want to go to. It's a handy thing, but it needs work.

This page is nice in several ways. For one thing, it introduces the palace guards, who are the first soldiers you meet in my barbaric universe. The original Conan soldiers always wore really, really stupid hats, so I carried on that tradition. I also really like panel 4, where I totally stab the guard. I thought the "*Hurk*" was a nice touch. You just don't carry yourself in a threatening manner when around sword-happy barbarians. They don't know the rules and don't much care.

Other really good thing about this page is the last panel, with the Death Glare. The original Conan comic book didn't do that many close-ups on faces, but I think in this case, it works really well. You'll get the joke when I upload the next page. I really like the Death Glare.

I'm making this comic up as I go along. I haven't planned out anything further than the vague idea that Anita is Queen of Imbabura and this story will deal with Camille. I don't plot out each page with panels, I don't write anything, etc. And I think it works better that way. I would not have done the Death Glare if I hadn't been left with that thin box down at the bottom. Well, we'll see.

Sorry for the poor quality of the scan. The scanner I use is my school's scanner, and it sucks, and then I did a rush job editing it to bring up the contrast. But I don't have the tools or the time to do a better job of it. Sorry, again.

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