Friday, February 6, 2009

Jacob the Barbarian, Page 2


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This gag, with the "I don't want your money", isn't mine, but from the original comic book. It's such a great way to introduce Conan the Barbarian, though, that I had to use it. Props to the original writer, whose name I forget.

Now, my nose isn't straight like that, but it's more barbaric, so I changed it. I have a constant struggle with myself as whether it's worth the effort to shade my skin in, since mechanical pencils don't lend themselves to shading at all (doing the hair, I had to switch to a regular pencil). But I figure that people will get that I'm black from my hair, at least.


  1. OOOOO I can't wait for MORE

    We must hear the lamentations of the wimmen

  2. This is your dad. This is exceptionally well done. However, if I were you I would censor any thing about lusty wenches.