Sunday, February 1, 2009

#004 - "No Traduzco para Tí"


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Panel 1:
Richard: Jacob, What does "Burning Up" mean?
Jacob: I told you yesterday, Richard.

Panel 2:
Richard: No, that was Alex.
Jacob: I'm busy.

Panel 3:
Richard: Please, Jacob! This little one, no more!
Jacob: Okay, Okay. "Burning up."

Panel 4:
Richard: Yeah, thanks... And what does "I'm Burning Up" mean?
Jacob: *unmitigated rage*

I made a decision with this strip that when I talk in Spanish, I'm going to keep it with that language in the comic. These things (for the most part) should be real life situations, so I don't want to change the language. Unfortunately, I understand that this makes it difficult for those people who don't speak Spanish, so I'll include the translation beneath the comic.

So, this is the first character I've drawn besides myself. It was much more difficult to draw Richard than I expected it to be. His head kept growing while his legs shrank, which was weird. The thing going through his left eyebrow is a piercing, by the way.

Oh, and this is the first one I got to with Photoshop first! So it looks much nicer. Still no scanner. Sowwy.

I think I'm going to start my first story arc soon, so hopefully that'll go well. I'm planning on doing the story with Camille and her host family, further turning my life into a story. Huzzah!


  1. i like it... especially because it reminds me of the Jonas Brothers :D

  2. Love it! Jacob has returned to writing comics! We are happy happy! Keep it going!

  3. Hey we want to see #2 and #3. Comics have to bee in sequence!